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Goals of the project

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The Euphoria Standard Library (ESL) is meant as a supplement of the library that is included in the official release of the Euphoria programming language interpreter, created by RDS. Its objective is to provide frequently used constants, types, functions, and procedures (in the form of source code) that are not contained in the official release, but that are often used and that are part of the standard distribution of other programming languages.

For several years, many Euphoria programmers have written a total of more than 1400 user contributions, which can be downloaded from the archives at RDS's website. Almost all of them are written by a single person. Their quality varies from contributions by highly qualified I.T. professionals and university research scientists, to the first programming steps of beginners. Sometimes looking in the archieves for a certain module is like searching for a needle in a haystack, and after having found something, it might be hard to consider especially for inexperienced programmers, whether or not that code is reliable.

Since the system of unrelated individual user contributions is just "patchwork", several routines (e.g. for reading a null-terminated string from memory) are contained in many contributions, and maybe the user also has written such a function himself. This is a common source for naming conflicts. This also means re-inventing the wheel several times, which is an unnecessary waste of time and efforts.

To address these issues, we created the Euphoria Standard Library:


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